Fatty Insanity

Posted by Fatty Founder on June 13, 2013

Picture a class where people are barely functioning after the first ten minutes, where each new move seems like a new form of torture, and where half the people walk out after a half hour- and then promptly drop dead in the lobby. No, I’m just kidding, no one dropped dead in the lobby. At least not that I saw. But I’m sure the gym would keep that pretty hush hush if their members started dropping dead in the lobby after a class. And the name of this class? Insanity. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And look at that: I keep doing it. And the result I have successfully attained thus far? Not dying during or after class.

Insanity happens to be ANOTHER class that is in love with jumps. Jumps of all types. Jumps that make me feel like my boobs, after popping up and hitting me in the face multiple times, will rattle off my chest and run to the safety of a mother of 17 infants, or a nice participant in Foxy Boxing. There are jump squats, jumping jacks, jump kicks of multiple types, and the best thing ever in the whole world in history EVER: burpees! (I know it’s hard to tell when I write it- but that was sarcasm). After so much jumping up and down, my heart feels like it will beat out of my chest and flee for cover.

I wear a heart rate monitor to track my heart rate and calories burned, and that little tracker was working overtime to monitor what I was doing. When pushing myself as hard as I could, I was getting into my maximum target heart rate. Each track usually contains 3 full sets of moves, with a small break in between. Those small breaks allow you to have peaks and valleys in your heart rate. Interval training is great for your health, and for any weight loss goals. Why? Well, because the experts says so! “Evidence shows that with high-intensity interval training, participants can increase their maximum aerobic capacity—how well their body uses oxygen for energy at their greatest heart rate—higher than those who participate in a continuous exercise program”- “Why Try Interval Training Workouts? Quick Results”. Wanna read all about it? http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2012/06/12/why-try-interval-training-workouts-quick-results Yeay studies that show that my hard work will pay off!! Yeay people who can convince me to keep doing what I’m doing!!!

Even the warm up during the Insanity class is crazy. It isn’t an “ease you in” type of warm up- it’s a kick your butt until you cry warm up. And from there, each track pushes you to your max. There are also toning tracks to work your arms, legs, and abs. As I write this, my triceps are killing me and my legs feel like they’ve taken a beating. And that feeling lets me know I earned my calorie burn last night.

I’m willing to try new things, and try a workout that seems more impossible than the last thing I’ve done. This workout aimed to kill me, but failed. And that means I’ll go back for more.

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