Hitting A Wall

Posted by Fatty Founder on June 2, 2013

I think everyone hits a wall. But this is a blog about my walls. My big, giant, weight loss stopping walls. I hate walls. Well, not the walls that keep my dog from running away, or keep thieves from breaking into my house, or a wall that keeps people in prison because I don’t want them breaking into my house or stealing my dog. But walls that keep me from losing weight.

I’m hard on myself. I push myself and I fight with myself to do better, be stronger, eat healthier, run faster, be smarter (this isn’t a blog about my brain, but occasionally I try to be witty on here and a big brain helps). And there are times when all the work in the world doesn’t make your belly flatter or your butt smaller. These are my methods for working through it:

1. Yell, scream, curse, get it all out- then get over it. BUT- don’t stop. Keep doing. I think “this isn’t working! Why isn’t it working. I work so hard it isn’t f@##^@#!%^^^ working!” And I know if I stop- I go back to super fatty and not “fit” included. I’m hard on myself, and then I get over it. And I work my butt off another day.

2. Do what you love. Even if there’s not fat dropping off in the butt-loads (literally)- loving the gym makes you interested in going. I love the classes I take: Pump, CX, Attack, Combat. Even if I don’t want to exercise, and don’t feel like going to the gym, I go because I enjoy it. And because I’ve been consistent in going, I’ve met multiple other gym obsessed people who know me (and may, or may not- probably not, love me).

3. Make friends at the gym. There are people there who take me to task for missing days, encourage me on Facebook, and that I look forward to seeing when I go. They cheer me on, comment on my fitness posts on Facebook, and promote my blog (all of you- PROMOTE MY BLOG!!) And if I miss a week, they may send someone to check on me and make sure I didn’t exercise myself to death. . .

4. Reassess when you hit a wall. Try something new- a new class at the gym, lift more weight, make a diet change. Sometimes shaking things up is what you need to get out of a rut. And shaking that butt will help you lose that butt (I need some of it for sitting, but I have way more then necessary- so some of it can go).

5. Don’t take into account only pounds lost. I take my measurements once a month, and I take pictures every few months. And does a picture tell a thousand pounds. Well, not a thousand. If I weighed a thousand pounds I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing a fitness blog, I’d be writing a blog on competitive eating. A scale tells me the pounds lost, and a measurement will tell me inches lost, but a picture shows. . . well, the whole picture. It shows my biggest changes, and combines them all in a history for me to see. And my Facebook friends to see. . . for bragging rights.

So hit your walls, and then bust through them. Inspire yourself. . . or just talk big, brag, and puff yourself up until its true. Like I’ve said before “May this inspire you to do great things. Or at least average things with great melodrama- like me.”

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