Wanna see my muscular core? (me too!) CX Works

Posted by Fatty Founder on May 28, 2013

CX Works is a core class that works my midsection. . . well, to the core. You may be saying “why do I need a class just for my midsection? Why not take Body Pump where every muscle group is covered?” First off- why are people always demanding things of me on my blog? Stop being jerks. And second of all- back off, its my blog. AND a core class is a huge help for life in general.

Your core is the support system for your whole body. It helps support your spine, and everything attached to it . . which is pretty much everything. It isn’t just your abs, but your back as well. Pretty much all the muscles on your torso. And really, I want awesome abs, but a nice back and butt to match those nice abs keeps me in business. . . and by business I just mean living. . . I’m pretty sure my husband would be unhappy with me wearing nothing everywhere I go to show off my “core”.

Now, for the basics of CX works: its a half hour class that will kick your butt- literally and figuratively. Now, a half hour may not seem like a lot. You may be thinking “a half hour, how is THAT a workout?”. WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME QUESTIONS? IT’S MY BLOG. But before you judge the short time period- do it. You’ll be shocked at how impossible it is, and how that half hour is all you need to make you throw up a little.

Usually the class starts with a warm up of crunches, toe taps, planks, bicycles, and exercises meant to get you ready for unadulterated torment. Many of the tracks that follow involve the same familiar forms of torture: planks (get on your forearms, and rest on your knees or toes, keep the back flat, shake like crazy, pray you don’t die), crunches, and bicycles (knees above hips, calves parallel to the floor, kick one leg out, twist up and touch elbow to the opposite knee- feel like your abs will burst through your tummy and run for cover). But there are also tools used to tone the back, butt, and chest that are not used in other classes. An exercise band (a giant rubber band with handles on it) is used to work your back and butt. Its used to create resistance when walking, squatting, kicking, and pulling to work the arms. Think of it as something that seems fun, but will make you hate it with every breath because it mostly sucks. . .

CX works does amazing work in 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, and it doesn’t mean you won’t feel like your entire torso will rattle free. But it will give you an amazing core. . . even if mine is muscular but well insulated so you will never, ever see those abs.

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