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Posted by Fatty Founder on May 20, 2013

Body Pump is the first exercise class I ever did- a barbell weight lifting class. Why is it that I took so long to write about it if I’ve been doing it so long? First of all- back off, its my blog. Secondly- I worry I may not do it justice. It’s the class that gives me my currently “hot and buff” body (AKA- my fatty fit form). It’s the class that let me meet new people, and build great relationships. AND- its the one class I take that involves no running, kicking, or burpees (as of yet)- so that gets me excited. And it gave me a huge confidence boost (which I didn’t really need because I’m awesome).

I have had some of the best instructors for this class EVER. The first class I took was with Caroline. She was the one who started me off on form and weight. She was able to “ease me in” to a weight lifting way of life. Once I started working full time, I needed to change up my workout schedule (damn you life and bills getting in the way of my workouts!!). I started then taking classes with multiple, amazing instructors: Trina, Brandy, Troy, Mandy, and Opal. And after a full year or doing Pump, I realized it was time to get my butt in gear.

Now, I by no means can bench press 350 pounds. And really, Body Pump deals in lots of repetitions, and less weight. And my flabby, girly arms can only take so much. But it allows me to control the weight I use. And pushing myself is what matters. I add weight as I feel that I can make the jump. Once a track seems less impossible that it was the class before, its time to up the weight to make it once again illogical. And up it I do.

My legs have always been the size of small children. And adding weight on those has been my greatest improvement. In middle school and high school, I did weekly horseback riding lessons. And holding on for dear life with my knees gave me some powerful thigh muscles and calves of steel. Getting those back was a big goal of mine. And now I surpass almost everyone on squat weight- sometimes even the instructors. Don’t ever challenge me to a leg war- I will own you.

Classes cover each muscle group. You start with a quick warm up, move to squats to get those legs, then chest, back (upper and lower), triceps, biceps, lunges (more legs!), shoulders, abs, and then stretches. Yes, you do 2 sets of leg exercises- squats AND lunges. “Why do I need to do 2 sets of legs?!” you may ask. Stop being lazy and just do it you big complaining baby. But, I guess I’ll answer your question because you’re crying about it. I really feel the squats on the front of my legs, where as I feel lunges on the backs of my legs and in my butt. This is what the experts say (AKA Livingstrong.com): “The main muscles that are worked during lunges are the quadriceps, but the calves, glutes and hamstrings are also engaged. Squats engage the same muscle groups in addition to the lower back”. http://www.livestrong.com/article/343944-which-are-better-squats-or-lunges/ So that’s why you do 2 sets of legs. Now quit your kvetching (that’s right, I’m going Yiddish on you) and get to work!

Now, Body Pump also offers some Cardio mixed in. Lunge tracks usually include multiple fun things that make you hate life: jump lunges (go into a lunge, then bring the back leg up and hop on the front leg), lunges on your bench, and jumps off and on your bench (the new, super fun idea that the newest Body Pump has given us). This really elevates your heart rate, and gives you the extra calorie burn needed to eat that ice cream and pasta that makes life worth living.

So as a work out class goes, Body Pump is the one class I would demand if stuck on a deserted island (although it would no longer be deserted if I demanded an entire class of people come entertain me). It started me on the path of exercise class excellence- and gave me the chance to entertain millions with my amazing blog. Well, by entertain I mean annoy, and by millions I mean the whole 10 people I know.

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