Finding Your Fatty Fan

Posted by Fatty Founder on May 10, 2013

I have lost weight. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m on a mission to do it. Along the way I have met great people who cheer me on and encourage me to do great things, support me and love me (and, honestly, this blog is my forum to toot my own horn, put wind in my own sails, and look pretty darn awesome- but enough about how great I am). But there will always be people who don’t want you to do well. Who need all the attention placed on them and can’t be happy for anyone else. Who will act like anything you do isn’t all that great. We all know people like this. Its hard to deal with people like that. But I know that sometimes I need to be my own cheerleader. And I’m not good at it. So these are my rules on how to inspire yourself to greatness (or at least inspire yourself to THINK you have done great things):

1. Don’t criticize yourself. I am a criticize queen- I can be pretty hard on myself. Step back and say “I didn’t lose the weight I wanted, BUT I did more weight on squats, I did more time on the treadmill, I did Body Combat AND Body Attack- and LIVED”. It’s easy to be mad about the number on the scale not budging, and the size of my butt staying. . . large. But its hard to look at the big picture and say “this week, I was awesome. I did great”.

2. You won’t always be good at things. I love Combat. I’m falling in like with Body Attack. But there are mirrors in the classrooms. . . mirrors everywhere. I know I look silly. But I look silly with confidence. And I notice people watching me, and copying my moves. So apparently looking confident in my incapability makes other people confident in ME. . . And adds to “toot my own horn” time on my blog. Yeay me.

3. Love what you do. Hate running? Don’t do that. Try the elliptical. Hate the elliptical? Try boxing, kicking, or Body Combat. Hate martial arts? Try the Wii or Kinect. Hate all that? Why are you reading a fitness blog and submitting yourself to exercise talk? That’s what a crazy person does.

4. Talk yourself up. Sometimes thinking you’re awesome is all you need to BE awesome. You may not feel confident, but saying “I WILL do this. I WILL be better than last week” will make it so. And just thinking, at the end of the day “I did so much better on ______” or “I really improved in ______” gives you that boost.

5. When someone talks down your achievements, you should handle their insensitivity with style and grace. Wait until they leave, talk badly about them behind their backs, turn everyone to your side, discover their phobia, then leave snakes or rats (or whatever freaks them out) in their car. No, I’m just kidding. . . kind of. Many times, I try to remember that people who are unkind have many issues of their own. Maybe they’re unhappy with their own weight. Maybe they think giving you compliments will make you full of yourself. Or maybe they just have terrible social skills. Whatever the reason, people who blurt out cruel things. . . suck. Just don’t let them make you doubt your dedication and amazingness (yeah, I made my own word. Its my blog- back off).

6. Write a blog. Make people read it. Tell them you’re amazing. Toot your own horn. Or don’t. Because it won’t be as good as my blog. My blog is awesome. No one wants to compete with this awesome blog. Make others read my blog. You can say “I write a fitness forum, check it out” and give them my page. Then take credit for it. Hey, a read is a read. And I’m entertaining. Do it.

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