Fatty’s Frustration

Posted by Fatty Founder on January 30, 2019

Want a humbling experience?  Stay in a place the puts a mirror directly across from the shower.  As you step out of the shower you see a chubby, naked monster coming to devour your children.  Only to realize- oh, hey, that’s me!  And I’m fresh out of children to sustain myself on!  And, of course, if it was during the holidays all you’ve been doing is eating well.  And by “well” I mean cookies, candy, fatty food, and rich sauces- not “well” as in vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and salads.  How do you recover and get back on track after all the fun of the holidays, parties, and just sheer irresponsibility?  My solutions to go from scary monster to sexy beast:



  1. Cook for myself.  During the holidays, there are parties, events, travel, and family functions everyone goes to.  It’s difficult to avoid those family traditions you’ve had your whole life.  And most of them will be bad for you.  But when I cook for myself, I know what goes into it.  I can also make healthy food that doesn’t taste like dirt and depression.I started mixing my favorite comfort foods with veggies, so that I get the best of both worlds.  I love cheesy potato soup, so I made potato soup with cauliflower.  ½ potato, ½ cauliflower, I used Greek yogurt instead of cream, and I topped it with cheese rather than mixing it in.  I have found that mixing in the cauliflower with my potatoes gives me more servings of veggies, allows me to eat a food I love, and yet gets me more vitamins and nutrients that keep me healthy(ish).  Finding a way to make my favorite foods healthy is a challenge that I embrace.  And also- it allows me to indulge on the things that aren’t all that good if you try and make it healthier (like Pop-tart ice cream sandwiches).



  1. Increase my heartrate. I come home and walk every day.  My goal is 15,000 steps a day.  But actually running- getting that heart rate up, will hopefully keep the waddle at bay.  Losing weight has always been a priority for me.  It was what started me on my fitness journey.  But I keep with it not just for the weight loss.  I saw women at the gym who were 80 years old, lifting weights, running, and doing fitness classes right alongside me- and sometimes outdoing me!  I want that.  I feel like if I quite moving, I will stagnate.  If I get my heart rate up, add running to my daily walk, it will help keep my heart healthy, and me strong into old age.



As I try to get back on track, I have found things that work for me.  I also have goals I need to set to get better.  I mean, I’m pretty awesome.  BUT- who can’t improve?  Losing weight, improving your health, and adapting to change- those are hard things.  But with work and dedication, I think I can do it.  And I also hope I can keep my sense of humor about it.  I started this blog in 2013- 6 years ago!!  And I’m still trying to lose weight.  Yeah, it’s hard.  But I think being able to look at the journey in a funny way helps.  And I laugh at myself constantly.  So- here’s to more work!  And here’s to me becoming more awesome!

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