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Posted by Fatty Founder on June 30, 2017

Television.  The thing that normally keeps me (and most people) from doing anything healthy.  The thing that helped me become my wonderful blubbery self.  Sitting in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream?  Of course, what else do I have to do?  So why talk about it regarding health?  Because it’s my new reason to run (well, meander at a brisk pace).


I hate just looking in front of me when at the gym.  Watching a wall, or staring down my timer on the treadmill willing it to reach a set time is miserable.  And if I have to look at other people who are also attempting to do something healthy?  Gross- no one likes that.  Having a distraction is key to getting me to do just about anything.  Now, I’ve heard “fitness people” say you need to focus on what you’re doing: heart rate, pace, breathing.  And if you can force yourself to do things while counting beats or breaths, have at it.  I, however, am not that person.  I would never do any exercise if I had to pretend to care about counting (I don’t like numbers and math is evil).  So having something that forces me to run, and does not involve me downing a pound of ice cream as a “reward”, is a win-win for me.


I attempt to find shows that I enjoy that have multiple seasons.  That way I know it will cover multiple sweat sessions.  I then reserve this show for JUST exercise watching.  That way when I really want to see an episode, I have to hope on the treadmill or elliptical to watch it.  And there are times when I REALLY don’t want to haul my butt into the gym, but I do it because I HAVE to know what’s going to happen next on the show I’m watching.  I know that I could sit down and watch that show anytime I want, but because I made myself a promise to watch it only when I run- I hold myself to it.


Finding a motivation outside of just fitness inspires me.  Yes, I want to be healthy.  And yes, I want to lose weight.  But that doesn’t always inspire me to get running (jogging, walking, meandering).  If I have multiple things that inspire me to get fit, I have more of a reason to actually get my heart rate up.  And if television is what’s going to inspire me to be healthy, I say more power to me.

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