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Posted by Fatty Founder on August 25, 2014

I downloaded My Fitness Pal on my phone. It’s great because it’s free. I like free. Free and idiot proof is even better. Free, idiot proof, and helping me lose weight- well, that’s like getting free, awesome tasting ice cream that makes you lose weight. Or a unicorn. Or a castle with free weight loss ice cream AND a unicorn. Well, maybe not THAT awesome.

My Fitness pal is easy, and it tracks a massive amount of data on my phone (which I carry everywhere anyway). I can also link it up to my fitness tracker (I’ve linked it currently with my FitBit, and also with BodyMedia- the former tracker I used). It adds my steps to the daily totals and shows me how many calories that earned me. It also pushes me to work harder if I see that my calories are high and my step count is low.

It lets you set all the goals yourself- weight loss (how many pounds a week), calories per day, how active you are, how long you want to exercise per day, and any notes you want to add. When you enter the food you just type in the name, and if you’re eating out- the restaurant, and it pulls up a massive database of food. It also announces if you’re way over the calories you’ve given yourself. Which makes me lie the rest of the day so that I don’t go over WAY too much. Just kidding. I just all of a sudden make that my free day and give up on all semblance of trying.

I have put all kinds of pictures on this blog (I am getting super awesome at this picture thing, everyone needs to be impressed- look, the fat chick learned to use a computer, yeay). They show how easy this program is to use. If I can use it, ANYONE can use it. Trust me on this. I may not be good looking, but I write an anonymous blog on fitness that has no pictures of me! So suck it internet, look at pictures of My Fitness Pal. Here ya go:


photo (2)

photo (3)

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