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Posted by Fatty Founder on October 4, 2013

Sometimes the gym isn’t a possibility. You have things that need to be done at home, you have kids that need to get to bed, you have limited funds to pay a monthly fee- plus maintenance fees, plus Initiation Fees (plus, plus, plus) or you will feel like a fool dancing in a class full of people you don’t know. Either way, what’s a fatty to do if they don’t want to visit a gym (or just fear leaving their home in yoga pants- which, really, most people on earth should)? My at-home exercise tips.

Sometimes, working out at home is just easier and more logical than trying to fit a gym visit in. And I love multitasking. I will often turn on the oven and preheat it while I do my warm up, and start cooking while I do the work out. And even if I have only a short time to squeeze in my work out, there are videos that allow a short, but intense workout to get it done. I LOVE any Turbo Jam workout, and most of the at home videos are 45 minutes. But if you need fast, the Fat Blaster workout is only 30 minuets and full of plyometrics (OHHH- fancy fitness word- exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible) and intervals (OHH- another fancy word- high intensity alternated with lower intensity). Intervals are great because you have the lower bursts to recover, and then times that push you as hard as possible in small sections so you can survive the extremes. Another workout, T25, is a new Sean T (Insanity guy) workout that’s only 25 minutes, but may kill you in that short time. There are multiple options to get a fast, efficient workout at home.

As a fatty starts their fitness journey, doing so in a gym full of people can be. . . awkward. And really, who doesn’t like being foolish alone, in their own home, in yoga pants? Videos, weight sets, tubes- all fairly inexpensive and available to most everyone. And there are multiple fitness videos for newcomers, who will help train you to become a fitness monster.

There A LOT of people out there who have attempted a home fitness routine, then gave up and went back to sleeping and eating Twinkies (yes, they’re back, and they’re STILL awesome and delicious- YEAY). These people are great for people on a budget. Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist- all of these places have fitness stuff for a low cost because people want to try and get something back to feed that Twinkie habit. I bought a barbell set at Walmart for 100 bucks. There are options for most people, and if even 5 bucks for a video is a burden- being a mooch works just fine too. Post that you are starting a fitness routine on whatever social media site you partake of, and request to borrow old DVD’s, weights, etc from your friends. Do you know how many people have stuff littering their home they have NEVER used?

So, if working out at a gym just isn’t for you- you can do it at home. Buy yourself some fun exercise outfit (neon green yoga pants, zebra print tank), and go all out at home. Your fatty fanny with thank you.

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