Fatty’s First Fitness Feats

Posted by Fatty Founder on August 30, 2013

Good title, right? All those f words (nice, clean, pretty f words) to tell the story of how I started out. I realized that I have yet to discuss the START of my journey. How I finally got back into a less round (sort of) shape, and how I was able to get dedicated.

When I walked into the gym, I was a bit apprehensive, but I wasn’t intimidated. I had played sports in high school, did a marathon (well, most of), and carried hay and huge bags a grain for my horse. I figured that after having been in good shape for much of my life, it couldn’t be that hard to get back into shape- I’d done it all before and I was great at pretending I knew what I was doing!

Wellllllllll, turns out that it’s not as easy as I convinced myself. It takes hard work, dedication, and a little delusion to get it done. It takes effort and drive, and a realization that I am not the young spring chicken I once was (although, being a young chicken makes me more likely to become a delicious nugget, where as being an old chicken makes me tough, fatty, and less yummy). So how did I do it? How did I force myself back into fitness, and do MORE than I have ever done before?

I’ve said in past blogs that had I not gained weight, I probably would not have gone into a gym in the first place. That being said, I’ve had the best time meeting, and working with, some of the strongest people I’ve ever known. I started out running and using the elliptical, but realized fairly quickly that I needed more guidance- and someone to push me. Doing things on my own wasn’t getting me results, and I needed to try things that were a bit out of my comfort zone. So I started Body Pump.

Body pump was the first time I had handled dumbbells, and it can be intimidating to a new person in a new class, overweight, clumsy, and not really all that . . . buff. But this class changed my gym lifestyle. It helped open me up to new things, try different classes, and push myself harder. Opening yourself up to a new workout allows you to find what works for you. . . and when you hit a plateau, you can do something new to smash through that wall.

Starting out, I was not an expert on. . . well, anything. And I can’t say I’m an exercise expert NOW. But I AM an expert on sharing everything I do and mocking myself. And letting others learn from what I do. And I guess that’s little helpful for you all. Or at least I pretend that its helpful and give myself a big pat on the back. You’re welcome. Now get out there and try something new.

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