Work Warrior

Posted by Fatty Founder on August 11, 2013

Being good at work is hard. For most of us, working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week is a reality. For some people, 12 hour days are the norm. Being that you spend most of your day at work, how do you stay healthy? How does a fit fatty keep her shape when sitting all day? And what about all the coworkers who bring stuff you know eating all day will end up making your (MY) butt enormous?

I work in accounting, and I sit almost all day. I get up, I walk around, but mostly I sit. Sitting most of the day means working it after work- working it HARD. And if you eat like crap all day, you need to do that much more.

1. I’m a wiggler. I’m hoping that if a serial killer some day tries to carry me off he’ll get frustrated and leave me because I won’t stop wiggling around. Angela for the win. But it makes me move at work. Even if I’m sitting, I’m moving. I shake my legs, I turn back and forth, I stand up and move around. I’m good at fidgeting- I could be a fidget expert. It’s not an exercise replacement, but I think its my body’s way of reminding me that I’m wasting valuable exercise time. Moving helps me prep for a real workout later.

2. Junk and fast food is almost always a part of work life. If I know where I’m heading to lunch before we go, I look up the nutrition online to find something that won’t blow my calorie intake for the day. I look at what’s in it (I try to avoid trans fat), and also try not to do too much fried food. But if I want french fries, I eat french fries. But knowing how much I ate helps me work it off. I have “My fitness pal” on my phone so I know what I ate that day, and what my exercise calorie burn was. If I see that my day was horrendous, I know to kick it up at the gym- set the resistance higher, do an extra video at home, add more weight during pump. Eat too much, work TONS harder.

3. Make your workout a priority. I plan for my workout- I pack my gym bag the night before, and grab it on my way to work. I plan to go after work, and I do. I know if I make it a priority, it WILL BE a priority.

4. I make a bad day at work a good day at the gym. Angry at my coworker? They’re who I picture going to war with during Body Combat. Annoyed with how much I ate or my work load? Run like crazy on the treadmill- far, far away from the workload and food. Sometimes a bad day is your best inspiration to get it together.

Work can make your day busy and full of candy. But it can also be your inspiration to work that much harder. If you make your health a priority, nothing can stop you. Well, nothing except my head exploding from stress. But other than that. . .

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