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Fatty’s Resolutions

Posted by Fatty Founder on January 4, 2015 with No Comments

Happy New Year!! I am attempting to get back into the swing of things. My blog has been behind a bit. Life gets crazy- fitness, school (back in class again!), work, marriage. And really, being amazing is an all encompassing job. But I have set goals that I hope will inspire me to an even better year than the last one:

1. Do better this year than last year. No excuses. Do better. Workout more. Eat more healthy. This goal is based on ME. Everyone can make this goal, and it would be different. But it’s a great goal (of course it is, I came up with it), and it works for anyone who makes it. Didn’t exercise at all last year? Well, if you go once you just achieved your goal. Eat crap everyday? Make one day a week a healthy day, and you met your goal! I’m not telling people to half-ass anything (unless you goal wight is to lose half your ass, then I guess goal met!), but starting with a little will push you to do a lot. Little steps can end with big changes!

2. Try new things. Do something new once a month: Try hiking (something flat). Tight rope walking (on the ground). Rock climbing (do they make flat rock walls?). I need to move out of my comfort zone. Changing things up will allow me to find new ways to get fit. And doing something new is often exciting, and that means I’ll be excited to do it. I might find my next big fitness adventure!

3. Be more optimistic. I’m a cynic. I’m good at seeing all the bad, and what I failed at (I know it seems like I have never, EVER failed- but it has happened). I need to be better at doing this blog. I need to be better at getting my fitness time in. BUT- I have done a lot over the year, and there are times where you just need to not beat yourself up. Seeing what you’ve done well, and giving yourself a big pat on the back, is what’s needed most of the time. Look at the bad, acknowledge you need to improve, and then look at what you’ve done well.

Now, a story: Each year, my parents give me an ornament for our Christmas tree. This year, they gave me a Slovak Spiral, and when you hang it you make a wish. The card says “whatever you wish for you’ll keep getting more and more of, but you can only wish for something that money cannot buy”. So what I wish for- for myself, and everyone I know (unless you’re terrible) is this “may your home be filled with laughter, your marriage (relationships) with love, your life with health, your spirit with beauty, and your mind with calm”. Happy New Year- make it the best 2015 you ever had!