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Fatty’s Failing Phalanges

Posted by Fatty Founder on February 10, 2014 with No Comments

Yeay, another big word in the title. I know, I know- it starts with a “P” but it sounds like an “F” so it still counts. For those of you who don’t know “phalanges” are finger or toe bones. My title deals with my fingers, being that I screwed up my hands and wrists. It wasn’t horrible, I will get to keep my hands and all my fingers (and avoid surgery- for now). But I need to wear a brace and take a handful of crazy medications to keep the swelling down and pain at bay. And I’ve been banned from putting any weight on my wrists. I asked if I could lift weights and was given a VERY loud, VERY FIRM and serious NO. I’ve also been banned from push ups (yeay, I hate those!!), burpees (yeay, I really REALLY hate those!), or anything that puts pressure on my hands and wrists (yeay no uncoordinated balancing on the floor). So it seems that cardio, without any pressure on those hands, is my new past time. I can add these things back into my workouts, but I need to do so gradually.

I like cardio. Honestly, after a day of work I love going to the gym and hopping on the elliptical to quiet the day’s insanity. But outside of the gym, I also have a few options during “active recovery”. I have several videos I can do at home to keep my fitness going. I have Insanity and Turbo Kick, and I can does those for my cardio bursts. But I do have to watch those wrists. So when the video calls for crazy forms of torture (burpees), I do squats or improvise- Jumping jacks or other fun things that keep my heart rate elevated.

I’m healing, and my wrists are better. But I still have to be careful, because I get flair ups. I have started doing weights in short bursts. But the other thing I’ve learned through this- listen to your body. If it says stop- then stop! Don’t push yourself too hard when you know you’re body isn’t up to it. Sometimes you need a break. You’re body will let you know. But don’t slack off! It’s easy to sit on the couch watching Judge Judy and eating ice cream. But overcoming an injury, and working harder to get better, is what makes this fatty a fitness FORCE